In this video, the author of the “Interior is available” channel will tell you how to equip a comfortable and stylish bathroom.

You can update the bathroom without a long and expensive repair. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Get rid of colorful jars and tubes. They create visual noise that clutters up the space. Pour hygiene products into concise dispensers and match the similar style soap dish and toothbrush cup. So the abundance of colors will not irritate.
  2. Add stylish accessories. New towels, a rug and a shower curtain will help you quickly and cost-effectively change the style of the room. It is better to choose textiles in a single or similar color scheme so as not to create many small colored spots, but the curtain may well be accented. And do not forget about baskets or boxes that are suitable in style – it will be easier to set up a convenient storage system with them.
  3. Install an additional light source. For example, hang a mirror with built-in LED lighting and touch control – it is convenient to adjust the brightness with its help. And the mirror will visually increase the space of the bathroom. If there is very little space in the bathroom, you can choose a wall cabinet with a mirrored facade and lighting – this way you can organize space for storing the necessary little things.
  4. Replace sink. As a basis for it, choose not a pedestal, but a cabinet or an open rack. This is another affordable way to organize additional storage space.
  5. Install new faucets and a shower head. A leaking faucet covered in plaque can nullify all efforts to transform the bathroom. Replace it with a new one: you can not stop at the standard models, but choose a truly unusual option to make this detail an accent. Pay attention to options that will help you save on utility bills. For example, shower heads can have several water supply modes, and many modern faucet models have a built-in aerator. Both of these solutions reduce water consumption.

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