Where did the tradition of wearing a red thread on the wrist come from?

In the early 2000s, this amulet became popular around the world thanks to Hollywood celebrities. Red thread on the wrist wore Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Lindsay Lohan and other actors. Talismans they bought in the center of Kabbalah – the occult direction of Judaism.

In an article on the history of the red thread in Jewish culture, Ellie Teman tellsthat such amulets are widely sold in Jerusalem. They are positioned as talismans to protect against the evil eye, infertility or disease.

Jewish culture has tradition go around with a red thread seven times around the tomb of Rachel, a biblical character from the Old Testament. It is believed that after this the amulet acquires mystical power. And if you wear it on your left wrist, you can allegedly connect with the protective energies that hover around the sacred place.

Teman notes that the tradition of tying a red thread, ribbon or cord is not unique to Jewish culture. Mentions of this are found in the mythology of Greece and Egypt, ancient Chinese legends and folk customs in England, Wales and Ireland, Indian wedding rituals, as well as in rituals with newborns in Romania and Greece.

I must say that not everywhere the red thread is tied precisely on the wrist – sometimes it can be fixed on other parts of the body, as well as on windows and doors or transport wheels. But the purpose of the talisman almost always coincides: it is used to protect people, animals or houses from the evil eye, witchcraft and disease, the evil power of the dead and other demonic attacks.

Teman suggested that the combination of three sacred symbols provides such popularity of the red thread. First, it is a color that is associated with blood and life. Secondly, the tying ritual, which is often used for witchcraft purposes. And, finally, the shape of a circle – a traditional symbol of protection from evil forces.

Why do people wear a red thread on their wrist in the modern world

In his work, Teman notesthat the red thread can be seen on a variety of Israeli residents: on elderly religious people, doctors in a hospital, transport drivers, children in a schoolyard.

Many wear an amulet to protect against the evil eye and scare away bad luck. Also a talisman use to increase fertility, protect against bloodshed in war and meet your soul mate. There is a belief: when the amulet itself falls from the hand of an unmarried girl, she will see her betrothed.

Regardless of the purpose of the person, sellers advise wearing red threads without removing them, otherwise you can scare away luck.

Is it true that the red thread can help

Like any talisman, the red thread on the wrist “works” only as long as its owner believes in it. If a person is prone to mysticism, he will note all the successes and attribute them to the influence of the amulet, and miss the failures by consciousness.

In the long term, this may shift the focus towards more positive thinking. However, the effect is likely to be short-lived. At the same time, faith in the power of the red thread can be harmful if a person decides to rely only on the power of the talisman and postpone going to the doctor.

So, if you believe in the power of the red thread on your wrist, at least don’t try to replace modern medicine with it. Let the talisman save you from demons and the evil eye, and entrust your health to the doctors.