1. Get rid of bad odors

Clothes and bedding become odorous over time because bacteria from our skin accumulate on them. The enzymes contained in the washing powder break down these bacteria. But inexpensive detergents do not always do a good job with this task.

To enhance their effectiveness, add half a glass of soda to one tab of laundry when washing. And not in the powder container, but in the drum – before putting things into it.

If you need to get rid of stubborn odors like underarm sweat or tobacco smoke, soak clothes in baking soda before washing. Add a glass of soda to a bowl of warm water and leave things overnight. Then wash them as usual.

If you need to freshen up a non-washable fabric, fold it into something that can be closed with a lid and place an open package of soda in the same place. At least a day of such a neighborhood – and the soda will absorb all the odors.

2. Strengthen the effect of chlorine bleach

To work effectively in water with increased levels of acidity or alkalinity, bleach will need help. This is where baking soda comes in handy, as it balances the pH. Add it with bleach in equal proportions before washing: soda – in the drum, bleach – in the compartment or powder tank specially designated for it.

As a result, you will need less chlorine cleaner, which will save you money and reduce environmental damage.

3. Soften the fabric

With regular washing in hard water, the fabric becomes rougher, because particles of dissolved metal salts settle on it. Baking soda will help with this. Just add half a cup when rinsing things to get the effect.

In addition, unlike store-bought fabric softeners, which contain fragrances and aggressive substances, people with sensitive skin and allergies can use baking soda during washing. It is also suitable for children’s clothing.

4. Make things brighter

Sodium bicarbonate will gently bleach light-colored things, and return brightness to colored ones. To do this, pour half a glass of soda into the drum and wash things with your usual powder.

It is particularly well suited for cotton fabrics, including thin bed linen. Unlike store-bought bleach or bleach, baking soda won’t damage such delicate items.

5. Remove stains

To tackle grease and food stains, mix a tablespoon of baking soda with a little water to form a thick paste. Apply it on the stain and leave it on for 15 minutes. If the fabric is thick, you can rub the stained area with a toothbrush. Then rinse the baking soda with warm water under the tap and wash the item as usual.