If you read the comments on the Internet, it seems that some people have never seen a living woman. Because they are required by default to meet beauty standards that are impossible without Photoshop or a large investment of money and effort.

Of course, if a woman wants to adhere to these criteria, who will forbid her. But it is important to remember that some things are contrary to nature.

1. Perfectly smooth, even armpits

Some time ago, armpits in glossy magazines were the subject of mass jokes. The retouchers tried so hard to smooth out this area for the models and match it in color with the rest of the body, that the result caused more laughter than admiration. Because if the girl really had such a structure, she would not be able to put her hands down.

Imposed beauty standards: perfectly smooth, even armpits
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Even if a woman has done electrolysis and removed natural pigmentation in any way, there will be a depression at hand, not a plain. Otherwise it’s a cyborg, not a human.

2. Skin without pores

Often, even girls with excellent skin complex. After all, the models in magazines and social networks have perfectly smooth faces and never have rashes. And in life, on any skin cover, you can find signs of imperfection. For example, the same pores.

But it is worth remembering that the skin is an important organ that performs many functions, including excretory. Therefore, there are pores on the surface. For some they are tiny and inconspicuous, for others they are quite wide. It is possible to make them visually smaller, but not always and not for a long time. And with this it remains only to come to terms.

3. Complete absence of folds on the body

The folds on the body that occur when a woman turns around or bends down are perceived by some others as an occasion for criticism and advice. She would lose weight, then such incidents on the body would not arise.

There is a feeling that the only woman such commentators have dealt with is an inflatable one. Because the complete absence of folds during movement, even on a thin body, is possible only if the skin in these minutes will contract, reduce its area. Otherwise, she has to go somewhere. Let’s do a simple experiment. People’s hands are usually quite fat-free. But if you fold the brush into a fist, then what is it – continuous folds and wrinkles. The sides are not unique in this sense; when twisted, they also give bumps.

4. Flawlessly smooth hips

Until 1973, no one paid attention to the dimples and bulges on the hips. And then the owner of a beauty salon in New York, Nicole Ronsard, realized that she could earn a lot of money in the fight against cellulite, and began to sell her program for this purpose. Later, manufacturers of various creams, massagers, training plans, and so on joined it.

But cellulite is just a feature of appearance, which manifests itself due to changes in subcutaneous fat. It occurs, according to various estimates, in 85–98% women. Even the thin and the athletes. That is, this is not a pathology, but the norm, and it has only cosmetic consequences. There is nothing harmful to health in this.

5. Breasts that do not obey the laws of gravity

The spread of plastic surgery has given the misconception that it is quite common when the chest is round like a ball and always provocatively sticks up. Moreover, the size does not affect its condition at all.

In fact, any breast, no matter how large it may be, is affected by the force of attraction. And this means that over the years the form changes. Some people do it faster, some slower. Much depends on the weight of the bust, skin elasticity, sports, age and other factors. However, it is clearly not worth expecting that natural breasts will behave like implants in porn videos.

6. Body without hair

The standard implies that a woman should have a mane of hair on her head, thick eyebrows and eyelashes – that’s all. Even fluff, which is visible only in sunlight, is often condemned and is considered a marker that the lady does not take care of herself. And men who grew up on porn often do not even realize that women also have hair in the intimate area.

Often the need for complete removal of body hair is explained by hygiene, which is somewhat contrary to the truth – here is a detailed text about this. It’s mostly a matter of aesthetics. However, whether or not to remove hair is a personal matter for everyone, regardless of gender. But it is clearly not worth pestering other people with this.