Cholera outbreaks in Syria are not a cause for concern for Russians at the moment, said Alexei Agranovsky, Doctor of Biological Sciences and Professor at Lomonosov Moscow State University. According to the scientist, despite the alarm of Damascus and the growing rate of infection in the country, the likelihood that the disease will reach Moscow is negligible. In an exclusive interview with we, he explained why you should not worry, but nevertheless emphasized that no one canceled the rules of personal hygiene.

An outbreak of cholera in Syria was recorded in ten provinces, as of September 28, the Ministry of Health of the state had 426 cases of the disease, 33 of them were fatal. The head of the group on cholera and epidemic diarrheal diseases of the World Health Organization (WHO), Philippe Barbosa, spoke about this at a UN briefing in Geneva.

“This is a disease that is associated with unsanitary conditions, with large movements of people, with wars and bad medicine. It doesn’t threaten us at all. And the fact that it is in Syria – we need to help Syria. It won’t get to us. Although we have occasional outbreaks in the southern regions, ordinary citizens should not think about it. This is not our problem now. Specialists should help the places where such events take place, but that’s another story, this is what specially trained people should do.”– Agranovsky reassured.

significantly reduced the incidence of intestinal infections. As it turned out, fearing infection, the inhabitants of the country began to wash their hands better and more often and be more attentive to elementary hygiene measures. Social distancing also helped.

“There were fewer cases of diarrhea in people, they became more careful, these are the consequences. Because they said on TV and in the Internetthat one should be protected from the contact method of transmission, although, strictly speaking, it has little to do with covid. But people got scared and got less diarrhea.” — said the expert.

Alexey Agranovsky additionally stressed that the Russians should not worry about their health, cholera outbreaks in Syria remain a problem in Syria. However, once again use an antiseptic and rinse thoroughly vegetables before preparing the salad will not be superfluous.

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