Have you ever noticed that a person is constantly not satisfied with his age? In childhood, we all want to become big as soon as possible; in adolescence, you also count the days until adulthood. Responsibility for your life, freedom.

Further we dream to prolong youth and carelessness. And in the end, we crave to push old age as far as possible. And the older, the more difficult it is to accept the numbers in the passport.

he added.

Also, the presence of money and professional status makes a person more confident. It is not necessary to be the owner of any business or be the boss.

“If a person by the age of 50 has become an expert in his professional field and people go to him for advice, this helps to feel the advantages of his age”the expert noted.

And the fifth way to ignore the numbers in the passport is to find something to do. Enthusiasm for business will drive away bad thoughts.

Earlier we said, where and how people meet at different ages.