The fashion for fly agaric treatment, which has recently become popular among Russians, has turned into mass poisoning. Folk remedies that promised patients getting rid of any disease – be it rheumatism or oncology – only added new ones to the old ailments. And sometimes the consequences were extremely severe. However, as it turned out, the manufacturers of the miracle drug often did not even use mushrooms. Izvestia correspondent Artem Yakovenko will tell you more about everything.

Heal VS Poison

An innovative way to treat depression and improve brain function – Dmitry Kuzmin bought into such an advertisement for fly agaric microdosing. A man bought two cans of a dangerous mushroom online, which the seller passed off as a cure for all diseases.

“Helps in the treatment of Alzheimer’s. Helps young people improve their mental acuity. Treatment of tumors, fibro, cancer, lungs, stomach, – Dmitry lists “useful” properties.

However, the so-called medicine had the opposite effect.

“I wanted to drink like some kind of dietary supplements. Within a month in small portions. But it turned out that after the first dose I stopped doing it. Because the side effects were such that my stomach began to twist a lot. I went to the toilet,” the man says.

It was scary?

But Gleb Vintslav was much less fortunate. After taking fly agaric, he went to intensive care. The young man suffered from constant stress and overwork. On the Internet I found an advertisement for dietary supplements with the addition of a red mushroom. The seller promised – with this drug, the nerves will be in order. However, after the first dose of the “miracle remedy” Gleb began to choke. He was rushed to the hospital and put on a ventilator.

“You understand, this is poison! In fact. He is allergic and asthmatic. He’s been very nervous lately.” says the victim’s mother.

As it turned out, Gleb Vintslav ordered not an ordinary, but a panther fly agaric.

“Panther fly agaric has a stronger property than red. We can already consider panther fly agaric as a kind of non-drug antidepressant. He has a stronger action, and it will be very difficult for beginners, ”- explains nutritionist Kristina Potapova.

notes the psychiatrist-narcologist Alexei Kazantsev.

In addition, doctors agree that fly agaric can be addictive.

“The use of any psychoactive substance, even those that are part of medicines, can, unfortunately, lead to the development of dependence. Because they are used without control, without a doctor’s prescription, “ – adds psychiatrist-narcologist Alexei Kazantsev.

According to experts, taking any drugs, even seemingly harmless dietary supplements at first glance, should be carried out under the supervision of specialists.