A diet in which meals alternate with periods of fasting for a certain time is a fairly effective method of dealing with extra pounds, but it is not suitable for everyone.

Pediatrician Alexander Karasev, in an interview with Evening Moscow, named a group of people for whom such a diet is suitable, and those for whom it can noticeably spoil their health.

So, the specialist called intermittent fasting not just a diet, but a lifestyle that is really able to maintain a stable weight and a slim figure. Most often, the result is noticed by people over 40 years old. But such a diet is not suitable for children.

“Because their body is designed for a large turnover of energy. There is a chance that with intermittent fasting, the child will not receive enough nutrients to replenish the energy spent, ” the pediatrician warned.

However, attempts to lose weight do not necessarily rest on the choice of diet or exercise. The psychological state of a person can also influence weight gain.

Earlier, we said that, according to endocrinologist and nutritionist Tatyana Filippova hinders weight loss.