Weak nails are usually perceived as a signal from the body about problems with the stomach or intestines. However, they can tell the attending physician much more. Sibkray.ru listed what condition of the nails can be the reason for the examination.

For example, if the nails exfoliate or crumble from any impact, this may be due to a lack of iron or a malfunction of the endocrine system.

Excessive softness and elasticity of the nail plate may indicate a lack of vitamins, iron, phosphorus and other substances necessary for the body.

Hollows and furrows, not only do they look unaesthetic, but they can also be harbingers of kidney disease or fungus.

If the nails have acquired an unpleasant yellow tint, then you should look for the presence of a fungal infection, thyroid disease or diabetes.

But white spots on the nails from time to time occur to everyone, but not everyone knows that the reason for their appearance is a lack of zinc.

Cutting nails to zero or covering them with gel polish does not solve the situation. The problem should always be treated from the inside and with suspicious symptoms, consult a doctor.

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