The question of how to fall asleep quickly and not suffer from insomnia is asked by people around the world. The answer was given by a member of the NeuroNet working group of the National Technology Initiative (NTI) Vladimir Konyshev.

According to the expert, a falling asleep person should not pick up smartphone an hour before bedtime. Free time can be spent on relaxing rituals.

Proper preparation for sleep helps a lot – remove it in about an hour gadgetsdo not load the brain with new information, only a relaxing activity is needed, you can start your own rituals”, — quotes the expert “Evening Moscow”.

It is important to monitor the duration of sleep. If it changes constantly, you may have problems falling asleep. At the same time, you need to keep in mind that everyone has their own norm: eight hours is an average indicator, someone needs more, and someone less.

To sleep most effectively, you need to reach the alpha state. You can learn how to enter it and how to hold it for a long time at special neurotrainings.

“Users notice a noticeable improvement in sleep as early as the fourth or sixth day of neurotraining. At the same time, they manage to fall asleep earlier – around 23:00, and they wake up well-rested and rested already at 06:30.the expert summed up.

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