In autumn, the amount of precipitation increases. If a person gets wet in the rain and freezes, then there is a high risk of getting sick. Dmitry Raevsky, founder of the network of integrative medicine clinics, doctor, psychologist and corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Pedagogy, told what should be done in order not to go on sick leave.

The specialist noted that in rainy weather, the risk of colds and hypothermia increases. If a person walks with wet feet or head, then his immune defense is weakened, which makes it possible for viruses to enter the human body.

Some people think that the risk of getting a cold will be reduced by wrapping up in warm clothes and not ventilating home and work areas. The doctor called these measures ineffective. He also said that the disease after the rain can be caused by psychological factors, as this is a common stereotype that can provoke a reaction in the body.

If you get caught in the rain, the doctor advised to resort to the following procedures:

  • take off wet clothes;
  • brew hot tea;
  • make a warm foot bath;
  • take vitamin C;
  • eat an orange or grapefruit;
  • make sure you get enough sleep that day.

According to the expert, it is better to prevent the onset of the disease than to fight it, so you should not forget about the prevention of colds. To strengthen the immune system, you need to harden and play sports. It will help not to get sick and positive thinking. According to the expert, it is worth appreciating every day of your life, then no cold will be terrible.

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