Teenage children especially need parental attention and support. It is adults who can protect the fragile psyche of adolescents from the negative information that is distributed on the Internet. This was stated by the psychologist of the Yamal Center for Public Health and Medical Prevention Margarita Mazhurina in an interview with URA.RU.

The words and behavior of parents, according to the expert, are important guidelines for a teenager, helping to understand the flow of information. Due to the fact that various content is published on the Internet, adults should be on the lookout and help their children avoid panic. According to the psychologist, four simple principles can help a child cope with emotions:

  1. Talk to the child. It should be explained to the child that an information war is being waged on the Internet. There is no need to panic and commit rash acts, since its creators are counting on such a reaction.
  2. Build a trusting relationship with your teenager. It is required to convey to the child that on any issue he can turn to his parents, they will not condemn him and will help to understand the situation.
  3. Do not prohibit the use of Internet resources. It is impossible to achieve the desired reaction from the child with prohibitions and blocking. Such behavior, on the contrary, can lead to more serious consequences. Teenagers are very sensitive and vulnerable. Succumbing to emotions, they are able to commit rash acts.
  4. Recommend a reliable source of information. If the child asked a question, it is required to analyze the problem and find reliable resources.

According to the expert, it is the parents who are able to support the child and inspire him in difficult situations, help him not to panic. Through the prism of their experience and knowledge of history, they can understand the current news agenda.