Schizophrenia has obvious symptoms. They were named by psychiatrist Andrey Efremov in an exclusive conversation with we. According to him, this is a serious disease, which can be diagnosed with long-term observation of the patient. The doctor noted that the disease comes, most often, at the age of 26, both to men and women. However, it can start at any age.

“There are three categories of symptoms. Among the productive (obvious) are hallucinations and delusions. With hallucinations, a person sees and hears something that others do not hear or see, although there are other types of hallucinations. Delirium is not always obvious to others, but most often it is, it is easy to notice.the interlocutor said.

He emphasized that negative symptoms include autism, (not to be confused with the disease, Approx. ed.), that is, when a person is good with himself. It is because of this symptom that the disease is difficult to diagnose. Also, according to the doctor, a patient with schizophrenia has no energy, he often cannot look into the eyes. Such people are socially isolated. In addition, they lack logic, patients do not see the connection between one and the other.

The doctor added that symptoms such as fatigue and apathy can also be with depression, so only a specialist can make a final diagnosis.

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