It’s time for seasonal infections. Two foods that you should include in your diet right now will help protect yourself in the cold autumn.

They will not cure you, because they do not have miraculous methods, but only help in the prevention of colds. The first is basil, Gazeta reports. RU.

“It has disinfectant and bactericidal properties. When consumed, you increase protection against flu and colds, as well as help the body cope with foodborne infections. — said dietitian Tatiana Zaletova.

The second product is garlic. He is the most famous, one might even say, people’s assistant in the fight against autumn diseases. Use it to boost your immunity.

“Research has shown that garlic can indeed activate our immune system and enhance its ability to fight viruses. Most actively, you need to eat garlic before and during the autumn cold period, ” — said Zaletova.

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Remember that these products cannot replace the medicines prescribed by the attending physician in the event of an onset of illness. Natural remedies provide a rather low degree of protection against infection, so they cannot be a full-fledged alternative to drugs.

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