One of the most common side effects of coronavirus disease is anosmia (loss of smell – Ed.). If you’re unlucky enough to stop smelling, you could experience negative consequences for your intelligence, says neurologist Pavel Khoroshev.

“Reality is given to us in the sensations of the world, it is they that make our brain work. And deprivation, that is, the deprivation of some kind of sensation, always leads to a decrease in a person’s cognitive abilities and, of course, a decrease in intelligence, ” – said the specialist in an interview with URA.RU.

Anosmia is a great loss for a person that cannot be compensated for by anything. The olfactory organ is underestimated by many, and very in vain.

“With the help of the brain’s sense of smell, we can know with a 99% probability whether something will be useful to us or not. And when the coronavirus hits this part of the brain, it affects overall cognitive ability.” the doctor said.

The sense of smell forces both the olfactory part of the brain and other sections to work constantly. The neurologist compares this with constant exercise or gymnastics, which should not be deprived.

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