During the influenza and SARS season, patients often use onions and garlic as adjuvant therapy. People believe that these foods have medicinal properties, but this is a misconception. The phytoncides contained in them cannot kill viruses. This was told by the endocrinologist, nutritionist, nutritionist Alexei Kalinchev.

“Onions are a source of phytoncides, biologically active substances that can suppress the growth and reproduction of pathogenic flora for plants. Please note, for plants, not for humans. For humans, their value is greatly overestimated, they have no medical use. Onion phytoncides cannot kill the influenza virus or SARS”— quotes the expert publication URA.RU.

At the same time, he notes, in the prevention of viral diseases, these products are not useful.

“In fact, onions, like garlic, can protect you from infection during the SARS epidemic, but more due to the distance that people will keep with you because of the pungent and unpleasant smell coming from your mouth”added the doctor.

He also warned that in some cases the same bow could stab the body. This applies to people with gastrointestinal problems. The nutritionist advises them to completely remove this product from the diet. Yes, and it is better for healthy people not to get carried away, so as not to harm the stomach.

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