Bacteria can cause sepsis even with a seemingly normal scratch. Plastic surgeon Yevgeny Dobreikin spoke about this in an interview with we.

The expert recalled a Permian conductor who died due to a scratch. As the KP.RU website reported, according to preliminary data, sepsis became the cause of death.

He explained that sepsis is a situation when an infection enters the general bloodstream and triggers an inflammatory response not only on the skin, but throughout the body.

“Most of the time it’s bacteria. that is, they travel through the bloodstream, release toxins and this affects the entire body, thereby triggering toxic septic shock. Unfortunately, yes, such a situation is possible, it is not very frequent, but it can take place, ” the expert said.

The specialist noted that after damage, it is necessary to treat the surface with an antiseptic, perhaps even several times. The sore should also be sealed with adhesive tape or bandaged. In addition, if you see that the situation is not improving, you should immediately consult a doctor for help.

“As far as I know, the man did not go anywhere for three days, the management did not inform about his injury, and, apparently, when it got really bad, it was already too late to provide any help. In fact, at the stage of treatment, it is very important to make a differential diagnosis of the nature of the damage: was it an ordinary abrasion with further introduction of a bacterial infection, or could it be some kind of damage, and the symptoms have already led to the symptoms of tetanus, that is, accordingly, the treatment should be different, or it was the bite of a rabid animal. That is, it is very important to tell everything as it was to the doctor so that such fatal consequences can be prevented. ”Dobreikin said.

— summed up the expert.

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