Herpes on the lips, which many perceive as small and quickly passing small vesicles on the skin, can provoke a decrease in immunity and the development of chronic diseases. This was announced by the therapist Viktor Lishin in an interview with URA.RU.

First of all, an ugly external manifestation is a virus that is activated at a time when the body’s immunity is weakened. And if a person has diseases, they can become chronic.

“Diseases can turn into chronic tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, chronic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract. This is a causal relationship. Lots of options” the specialist explained.

In this case, most often herpes on the lips occurs due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Lack of sleep, constant stress, unbalanced diet significantly reduce immunity. Allergies can also be the cause of the virus.

“All allergic problems are 80% due to genetics. Next is hygiene, in particular, the oral cavity. It can be together with stomatitis, appear when there are inflammatory processes of the mucous membrane of the mouth, tongue, lips, ” added the therapist.

But if a person doesn’t get enough sleep, and doesn’t eat right, and is constantly nervous, and he has any problems with oral hygiene, the virus will be more disturbing. Along with this, herpes rarely occurs as a result of injuries to the lips.

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