Sausage, even in the good old days, when enterprises did not abuse preservatives, was not considered a healthy product. And now even more so: fat and a lot of salt are the least evil in comparison with food additives and dyes, without which almost no production can do.

Even the most famous and beloved firms sin with this. Therefore, you need to choose a product, first of all, not by taste, brand, but by composition. Fortunately, conscientious companies have not died out either and can offer sausages that are relatively safe for health. Elena Tikhomirova, a general practitioner and nutritionist at SM-Clinic, spoke about this.

“Sometimes a manufacturer puts a lot of nutritional supplements. It’s a long list of E. Sometimes there are only three nutritional supplements. The most useful will be sausage, which has the least fat, salt and food additives, ” – quotes the doctor URA.RU.

The doctor added that ham can be a good alternative to sausage. And in terms of composition, fat content, and nutritional supplements, this is the most optimal product for lovers of semi-finished meat products. It can even be used by those who strictly follow the figure.

“You can find low-calorie varieties that will literally have 100 calories. Just like chicken breast. There will be some fat and about ten grams of protein. If a person is losing weight and he likes sausage, then ideally it could be ham, ” Tikhomirova assured.

Meanwhile, abuse of ham is also not worth it. The nutritionist advises to eat no more than 50 grams of the product per day and it is better for breakfast.

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