Six months after the recognition of electric scooters as a vehicle in Russia, their status was officially determined. Now electric scooters, electric skateboards, gyroscooters, segways, monowheels and other similar devices are defined in the legislation as means of individual mobility (SIM). They will be subject to the new Rules of the Road:

  • You can ride electric scooters, electric skateboards, hoverboards, segways, monowheels no faster than 25 km/h.
  • Devices weighing no more than 35 kg can be ridden on sidewalks and bike paths, and pedestrians always have priority.
  • Crossing the road at a pedestrian crossing on an electric scooter, hoverboard or other similar equipment is possible only on foot.
  • For electric scooters and other similar equipment, special road signs will be installed – they will allow, restrict or prohibit the movement of such electric vehicles in a specific area.
  • A SIM of any weight can be driven on the right edge of the carriageway if the maximum speed on the section does not exceed 60 km/h and cyclists can move along it.
  • Only drivers over 14 years old can drive on the roadway, the electric scooter must have a braking system and white and red headlights.

The design of the sign regulating the movement of electric scooters has already been presented:

It is noted that the new rules will only apply to means of individual mobility: ordinary scooters and roller skates do not apply to them, their owners are defined as pedestrians.