In Europe, October 12 is Chocolate Surprise Day. Psychotherapist, sexologist, nutritionist, anti-age therapist Larisa Nikitina told URA.RU how to get the maximum effect from eating sweets.

More chocolate!

According to the expert, eating sweets causes a state of euphoria. If a person wants to get the maximum pleasure from chocolate, he should eat it in small pieces, dissolving each tile on the tongue as much as possible.

The doctor noted that you should not eat the whole thing at once, you should not gnaw and bite a large bar of chocolate, as this will not lead to a positive effect. According to the expert, you need to break off the chocolate slices with your hands and enjoy each of them.

The sweetness loved by many carries many positive properties, as it contains fast carbohydrates. Eating chocolate improves mood and gives vigor. Faster useful substances that are in sweets enter the brain if the tiles are dissolved in the mouth. According to the doctor, this is due to the special structure of the digestive system. No wonder many tablets need to be placed under the tongue. So nutrients are absorbed faster. A similar mechanism works when eating chocolate.

The specialist also reminded that you should not replace full-fledged snacks with sweetness, since chocolate is, first of all, a treat. According to the expert, it is not for nothing that the sweetness is divided into tiles. This allows a person to keep track of the amount eaten.

Chocolate Day is celebrated on October 12 for a reason. It is believed that Christopher Columbus, who discovered America on this date, upon arrival on the continent, first tasted the sweet treat of the ancient peoples.

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