Vegetarians who do not make up for the missing animal products in their diet often suffer from obesity. This was told by endocrinologist Alexei Kalinchev in an interview with URA.RU. According to him, humans are originally omnivores and must take both animal and plant foods. The physician notes that vegetarianism is an artificial deprivation of the animal component of the diet.

“Usually, vegetarians have a serious bias towards simple carbohydrates. As a result, they have excess fat, often up to obesity.the doctor explained.

Kalinchev added that average vegetarians do not understand anything about nutrition. Their rejection of certain foods has a psycho-emotional background. He emphasized the impossibility of calculating the exact amount of missing amino acids and animal fat in the blood.

“Unfortunately, it will not work to calculate from the analyzes what exactly is missing and how much needs to be added. Therefore, it is necessary to approach this empirically, focusing on well-being and general physical condition.said the nutritionist.

The doctor noticed that iron deficiency is the easiest to identify, and then compensate with medication. Thinking vegetarians, as Kalinchev noted, get the missing amino acids from soy and pea protein.

“Polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega-3s, are taken from algae-based nutraceuticals, and very expensive”– summed up the nutritionist.

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