A drooping shoulder is the first sign of scoliosis, so it’s better not to ignore the problem, but to consult a doctor. In addition, trainer Kirill Toros says that asymmetry can also cause hypertonicity in the muscles: they contract and pull the shoulder down or up.

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This can be fixed with two super simple exercises. They are often performed both separately (just a few minutes are enough), and as part of a warm-up before the main workout.

How to fix asymmetrical shoulders

  • As we mentioned, the muscles can pull the shoulder down. We are talking about the widest muscles of the back. In this case, they need to be pulled a little. For this put your right hand behind your back from above, with your left grab your right elbow and lean to the left.
  • In addition, the trapezius muscles can pull the shoulder up. Put one hand behind your back from below, and with the other grab your head, tilt it and fairly, but gently pull the muscles.

Take BEFORE and AFTER photos. And after daily classes for a week, you will notice the result!

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The text of the publication of Kirill Toros:

One shoulder below the other

This is a fairly common problem and is sometimes associated with hypertonicity in the muscles. They contract and pull the shoulder down or up. We will remove this tone. Do these exercises every day, just a few minutes is enough, and you will see the difference!