Ideas 24 have made for you a selection of real options for additional income. It is important for this to have the desire and confidence that everything will work out.

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Work in the specialty

If a woman worked in her specialty before the birth of a child, then in this way it is easier to find a part-time job. Working as a hairdresser, stylist, make-up artist, seamstress, massage therapist or manicurist, you already had your clients. If they do not contact you, then you can remind yourself of yourself and offer your services, hosting clients at home. The best time to work is when the child is sleeping or walking with grandma or grandpa.

Manicurist on maternity leave can restore his work at home / Photo by salonsuccessacademy

In the conditions of quarantine, many companies have switched to remote work. This can be convenient for women who, before the decree, worked as an accountant, lawyer, manager, and the like. By working remotely, you can manage your time the way you want.

Working remotely allows you to manage your time / Photo by realmomjobs

The teacher, teacher or teacher will be able to do tutoring. To do this, you can submit your ads on special online platforms or even in social networks. Other than that, you can become a babysitter for another working mom. Thus, you will also spend time with your child, but at the same time take care of another.

Even under quarantine conditions, classes can be held / Photo by freepik

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Hobby Business Ideas


If you have a talent for making various sweets, then this option is ideal for you. Firstly, you can prepare set meals, make announcements on social networks and sell dishes for those who still work in the office. Secondly, you can make cakes or pastries to order. Thirdly, on the eve of St. Nicholas Day, New Year and Christmas, gingerbread cookies with original festive decor are in great demand.

Baking gingerbread cookies a good option for earning / Photo foodnetwork

DIY clothes

Things “handmade” are highly valued, but do not require a lot of your time. If you know how to knit, we advise you to produce warm scarves, gloves, blankets or sweaters. Things in this style are very popular and fashionable. Rest assured, there will definitely be a buyer for such a product. Especially cool if you used to work as a seamstress. Thus, you can create original things for anyone. If you don’t know who to offer such clothes to, start looking for customers in your environment, and then word of mouth and additional advertising on special sites will work. The main thing to begin.

Knitted cardigan trendy item of winter wardrobe / Photo pushok


Honey is now very popular. Therefore, you can rebuy a natural product, and then pack it in beautiful jars and form cool useful sets. Believe me, everyone will be happy to receive such a gift for the New Year or Christmas.

Honey sets will be not only original, but also a useful gift for many / Photo by skrynya


Such plants are unpretentious in their care, therefore, having free time, sow the seeds in any container and in two weeks you will have plants that are becoming more and more popular. If the area of ​​u200bu200byour housing allows you to do this on a large scale, you may have a serious customer.

Growing microgreens is a good business idea / Photo vseroste

Soap and candles

On the eve of all the New Year holidays, each person has a problem with choosing a gift for relatives. Things like homemade aroma candles and soap are universal. But what if you combine these two products and create an original gift set? Try it. The result will exceed your expectations.

Isn’t it an attractive homemade scrub soap? / Pinterest photo


Decorative elements should be interesting and non-standard. Before you start selling such things, create your own theoretical base for the manufacture of such decorative “elements”. Think about the idea with Christmas decorations, decorated plant pots, “interesting” boxes for “small” things in the apartment, key holders, vases and the like.

Non-standard hanging vase will appeal to all lovers of stylish “things” / Photo pinterest


Fresh flowers are always emotions. But we mean the creation of cool “bouquets” of fruits, meat and cheese products, sweets, as well as with the addition of certain drinks. The idea is not new, but you can amaze with originality and a slightly lower “market” price.

Original bouquet / Photo market

Work on the Internet

If you have not worked with texts before, you have no idea what rewriting or copyright is – it does not matter. Another option for you is the administration of groups in social networks. All requirements depend on the employer. You may also need to know certain spelling rules, but that shouldn’t scare you. The main task will be to fill the page with information, photos, videos and the like.

Working remotely with kids is absolutely real / Photo by shoppingpl

network sales

You don’t really need any special skills for this job. It is important to have a wide circle of communication, a “suspended tongue” and be able to “read” a person a little. This is all important in order to find the right product for a potential buyer. You can work for a specific company, or you can resell the goods yourself.

You can earn money even on maternity leave / Photo by arrestyourdebt