Has this happened to you too? Then, just for you, Ideas 24 compiled a reminder – a list of things that machine wash is categorically contraindicated.

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The swimsuit is made of thin high-tech fabric that dries quickly. If your favorite set is machine washed, it will quickly stretch and lose color. Swimwear is very resistant to rinsing in water. But in the drum of the washing machine, where the mechanical action is too strong, the straps and bra bones can be damaged. So that your swimsuit does not lose its appearance and lasts longer, we recommend washing by hand.

Fitted or shoulder-length jackets

In order for your jacket to emphasize the shoulders or waist well, sealing elements and coat hangers are sewn into it. When machine washed, these inserts change their shape and position, and as a result, thing risk losing shape.

Therefore, we recommend that you dry-clean your jackets or wash them by hand. If you did not entrust this matter to specialists, try not to twist the clothes so as not to damage or move the sealing elements.

Clothes and shoes made of genuine leather

We do not recommend washing clothes and shoes made of genuine leather in the machine. Mechanical washing can leave creases and stains behind. In addition, in leather shoes, as a rule, there are parts fastened with glue, which can lose its property under the influence of a large amount of moisture and elevated temperature.

It is better to clean such things by hand, using special leather care products (available at shoe stores).

Ties and leather are not machine washable / Photo by Unsplash


The price of a quality tie speaks for itself – it does not belong in the washing machine along with T-shirts and socks. Ties are often made of silk, which easily loses color and is destroyed when subjected to harsh mechanical stress. In addition, during washing, their structure may also suffer, due to which the accessory will lose its shape. Therefore, the tie can only be washed by hand, using non-aggressive detergents.

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Pillows and mattress covers with orthopedic foam

Pillows and mattress toppers with orthopedic foam should not be trusted to mechanics. Machine wash will break it into pieces. Especially if you forget to turn off the spin mode. Therefore, before washing, we recommend reading the instructions for each pillow and mattress cover. Sometimes manufacturers generally prohibit washing such products. If there are no restrictions, then things made of hard foam are washed by hand in warm water with a mild detergent. After that, it should be very carefully, without twisting, wring out excess water.

Headwear with a visor

Caps are recommended to be washed by hand / Photo by Unsplash

The frame in caps and baseball caps only seems solid. In fact, harsh mechanical washing can easily break or deform the headgear. Usually such things are washed by hand, while squeezing out excess water is not necessary, just let it drain.

Microfiber cloths

When machine washed, a microfiber cloth runs the risk of losing some of its properties. This is especially true for expensive and high-quality models. We recommend that you look at the care instructions for such parts, if it is not there, we advise you to wash such products by hand in a warm soapy solution.

Things with a lot of wool

The fur of cats and dogs can clog the filters of the water pumps in the washing machine, which, in turn, will fail and flood your apartment. Therefore, you should thoroughly clean things before washing. This can be done with special brushes.

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Clothing with sequins and beads

Dresses and blousesbonds from beads it is better to take it to dry cleaning / Photo by Unsplash

Unfortunately, you can’t be sure if the details are firmly attached to your favorite dress or blouse. And you may not like the result of checking in the washing machine. Firstly, the beads can come off and the thing will lose its appearance. Secondly, these parts, like wool, can clog the water filters of the washing machine, which will lead to breakage. These clothes should only be hand-washed or dry-cleaned.

Fabrics contaminated with flammable liquids

Things contaminated with stains of fuel oil, kerosene, gasoline, solvents should never be put in a washing machine. If the stains are large, these flammable substances may ignite in the wash, resulting in a fire. In addition, residues of fuel oil, gasoline and other petroleum products may remain on the inner surface of the drum and stain the laundry during the next wash.

Therefore, clothing contaminated with flammable liquids must first be washed in warm water with a strong detergent and dried. And only after that, making sure that the fuel oil or gasoline is removed, the thing can be thrown into the washing machine.