Want to brighten up a dull environment? In this case, we present to your attention a selection of 10 unusual holders, at the sight of which anyone’s mood will rise =)


Knife holder “Former”

Did your boyfriend leave you? Take revenge on him! A set of knives with a holder “The Ex” is not only practical, but also has an excellent therapeutic effect on an unbalanced psyche) In addition, “The Ex” can be both a wonderful gift and an interesting stimulus for conversation) Well, plus everything else, you get five sharp stainless steel knives with comfortable handles =) Down with boring wooden knife stands!

The Ex


“Toilet” stationery holder

Is desktop clutter like a pain in the ass? Not only will the Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder add some fun colors to your workspace, but it will also hold all your desk accessories in peace =) Butt Station includes a tape holder with a handy tape cutter blade, space for pens and flash drives, as well as a magnetic holder for paper clips (they are attracted to the man’s ass)! This is quite enough to say that Butt Station is a great gift for students and graduates, as well as for any office worker with a normal sense of humor)

Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder

Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder1

Painful Toothpick Holder

Make your next party “painfully” funny – “invite” Fred Toothpick to it!) Yes, that’s the name of a kind of toothpick holder in the form of a man, in which a couple of dozen of these terrible “wooden needles” are stuck =) Something like a voodoo doll ) So Fred can be both a kind of table decoration and a tool to “bewitch” someone;) With Fred the Toothpick, olives will never seem boring to you again!

Fred Toothpick Holder, Ouch!

“Human” key holder

With this pair of people bolted to the wall, you will never again blame your other half for not being able to find your keys! Just hang another key on a bunch and insert it into a male or female form)

Human Key Holder

Pen holder “Dead Fred”

Someone named Fred obviously annoyed someone)) Already the second copy in our selection is subjected to “torture”, though not multiple, as in the case of Fred Toothpick, but I think one pen is enough =) With the holder “Dead Fred ”You will always have at hand not only a pen, but also poor Fred himself, on which at any moment you can take out the accumulated anger by poking him with a pen)

Dead Fred

FlipKlip Treadmill Book Holder

Such a holder will be the subject of universal envy in the library! It is designed to help you keep your book or magazine pages open while leaving your hands free)


FlipKlip Treadmill Book Holder

toothbrush holder

It’s amazing logic to keep a toothbrush in your tooth)) Tooth Toothbrush Holder will not only diversify your bathroom, but will also constantly remind you that if you don’t brush your teeth, the same holes will appear in them =)

Tooth Toothbrush HolderTooth Toothbrush Holder2

“Finger” book holder

The Thumb Thing Book Holder is designed to help the teacher who is always short of hands) this unique patented book holder fits comfortably on the thumb and, thanks to its shape, keeps the book constantly open, leaving the other hand free! And thanks to its compact size, it will be convenient for both young students and many adults.


“Mustachioed” key holder

Do you sometimes think that you have more keys than the doorman at the Ritz, attaching them all to more than one ring is not an option?) In this case, you may be interested in the Mustache Key Holder invented by Ben Fleter – a mustache key holder with five hooks, which is enough for all your innumerable keys =)


Mustache Key Holder

Razor holder “Feel Good”

Such a holder not only looks cool, but also makes your razor more accessible – after all, the little man has a suction cup on his back, with which you can attach it to any glossy surface, be it glass, mirror or tile =) Well, trust your razor to this tough guy?)

Feel Good Razor Holder