Ideas 24 has prepared for you a selection of ingenious solutions to common everyday problems. You will be surprised by such creativity and originality.

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1. Holder for phone or tablet with household items

It’s not hard at all to make such a thing. You just need to find an unnecessary fork and make a little physical effort. This is a good alternative to an expensive phone stand.

Screenshot from youtube

2. “Anti-fugitive” for a dog

Does your dog often run away from home and are you always worried about him? Then fix a small stick or even a wooden kitchen spoon on his collar. Thus, your friend will not be able to climb through even the largest hole in the fence.

photo funnyjunk

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3. Construction tools

If you have planned minor construction work, but it turned out that you do not have a special building level, use improvised means. How about a glass bottle filled with liquid?

Photo wykop.pl

4. Original bike hack

Love to ride a bike? Then try pedaling barefoot, but “cover” them with a carpet in advance. Ideal for long trips to nature: comfortable and without the discomfort of shoes.

Photo website4everything

5. “Portable” building

Suddenly decided that the barn is “worth” in the wrong place? “Ask this men’s team and they’ll endure anything.

Photo reddit

6. Door lock

Spontaneous solution to protect the barn from robbers. Spontaneous, but so effective. Truth?

wihel photo

7. How to heat a room from an electric stove

If you have turned off the heating and you can’t get warm in any way, turn on the electric stove and put a fan nearby. Thus, it will disperse the warm air from the tiles throughout the room. Isn’t it brilliant?

imglulz photo

8. Homemade raft

Crossing the pond is no longer a problem. To do this, you just need to make a raft from improvised means. You can take empty plastic bottles or packs of chips.

chirashi’s photo

9. Parenting hack

From now on, teaching a child to play baseball is even easier. Use a fishing rod for the ball. The child will learn, and you will become his assistant, who does not have to run after the ball.

boredpanda photo

10. Original car headlights

Headlights broken? – Do not go directly to the service station. Find vintage chandeliers and attach them to the hood. Checked, valid until the first meeting with the police.

Photo klikabol

11. To save space

If there is a catastrophic lack of space in the yard for various little things, make an ordinary “lid” for the table. With it, you can cover the dustbins, and then put things for the garden.

photo reddit

12. Protection for cars

A banal, but very effective solution for protecting a car from thieves.

Pinterest photo

13. Battery replacement

If you need “C” batteries but can’t buy them, use small “AA” batteries. Find some wood, put in the least amount of physical effort, and get a temporary replacement.

Photo reddit

14. Original chandelier

An unusual chandelier option for those who like to put everything off until later.

photo milliyet

15. Lawn mower handlebar

What to do if the steering wheel breaks, and you really need to mow the grass? Just find an unnecessary wooden plank.

photo pholder