Ideas 24 have compiled a list of thoughts that are definitely worth getting rid of in 2020. It is not easy, but you will make every effort to start the new year with renewed vigor, in a good mood and without any bad thoughts.

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1. Let go of thoughts that you blame others for.

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2. Don’t Think There’s Something Wrong With You

3. Let go of thoughts that your dreams are impossible.

4. Don’t think you can’t do it

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5. Get out of your head thoughts that you are too late to do something.

6. Let go of thoughts that “you are not given …” (go to the mountains / meet love / buy a new phone / fly abroad, etc.)

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7. Don’t Think You’re a Loser

8. Let go of thoughts that others are more successful, happier, or richer.

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9. Let go of the thoughts that keep you from feeling confident.

10. Get rid of the thoughts that bother you for no reason.

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11. Do not think that someone owes you something.

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12. Let go of the thought of doing everything perfectly or not.

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13. Do not think that everything good has to be paid for.

14. Do not think that your parents are to blame for all your troubles.

15. Do not think that life will change dramatically from the new year.

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