Ideas 24 have prepared a selection of photos that will mislead you. You are unlikely to understand at first glance what exactly is depicted in a particular photo.

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1. A flock of ducks swimming in the lake

photo onedio

2. Plates with spaghetti and avocado

photo myprikol

3. Bananas that are definitely ripe

Photo reddit

4. House with original windows

Photo 1pezeshk

5. How do you like this dish from McDonalds?

Photo reddit

6. Do you also think that this is Jupiter?

Photo index.hr

7. It’s hard to believe they’re not giraffes

photo medium

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8. New glasses. Or maybe not?

Photo reddit

9. At first glance, this girl seems to have injured her leg.

Photo reddit

10. Did you also think that the bride was too leggy?

photo pholder

11. New motherboard

photo pholder

12. Original phone case

buzzfeed photo

13. Are you also worried about this guy?

Photo 20min

14. Is it a blanket or a dog? Dog or blanket?

Askideas Photos

15. What did you see first?

buzzfeed photo

16. Looks like your favorite Oreo cookie

Photo reddit