Just two points will allow you to see the desired effect. Ukrainian fitness trainer Marina Borzhemskaya spoke about them.

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How to get results

Recently, I realized that to achieve a result, you need only two components. Start with them
Borzhemskaya noted.

  • Change your habits

If you dream of a beautiful healthy body, it’s time to forget about the regular use of coffee, carbonated drinks and juices. Choose plain water. You should also avoid refined white sugar. All this is a matter of habit. Change them for a new you.

White refined sugar should be excluded if you decide to lose weight / Photo Pixabay

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A lot of people lose weight, and then break down and gain weight again due to lack of support. Surround yourself with like-minded people. If there are those around who will keep you in good shape, it will be easier to achieve results. It can be friends, partners, a coach.

Proper support is important to achieve the goal / Pixabay Photo