Ideas 24 has compiled a selection of 20 cool and original things for you to buy when you become a millionaire.

1. Bath on the terrace with a beautiful view

photo architecturaldigest

2. Home cinema on the roof

Pinterest photo

3. Comfortable hammock among the trees

Photo unsplash

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4. Panoramic windows in the living room

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5. Summer shower with a view of the picturesque nature or with a transparent ceiling

Photo designerdreamhomes

6. Perfect whirlpool for relaxation

Photo obustroeno. Com

7. Mini golf course

teletype photo

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8. A real playroom with all the necessary gadgets

photo gamercamp

9. Home library

mansionglobal photo

10. The original shower in the form of a waterfall

photo harmonikum

11. Kitchen table in the form of an aquarium

photo lehouse

12. Large windows in the kitchen overlooking the forest or pond

Photo handmadebase

13. Glass floor above the aquarium

Photos of vsviti

14. Children’s playroom with access to the attic

Photos of vsviti

15. Walls painted with fluorescent paints that glow

Photos of vsviti

16. Evergreen Wall

photo archidea

17. Original blinds

Photos of vsviti

18. Bathroom in the form of a hammock

Photo designstory

19. Room for skateboarding

orangesmile photo

20. Family tree on the wall

albertolama photography