Most of us find animals to be very cute, soft, fluffy, graceful and natural. However, this is far from reality – here are 22 photos that will make you realize that animals also have moments when they can not look so cute. Photographers took pictures with funny and not as photogenic animals as we usually see. The camera just caught them in the right place at the right time.

So, I suggest you plunge into the collection of funny photos and escape from the daily hustle and bustle in a minute of viewing!

“Tell me the truth, do my eyes look slanted? “

What a cute cat

You can’t help but think I’m cute!

Seriously, what happened to that animal’s face

I love you all so much!

What did they put on me – panties ?!

This cat is just too cute

The dog loves to play tricks on his master

“I won a beauty pageant”

If I make such a pretty face, won’t you wash me anymore?

How can you not laugh looking at that face?!

Wanna be my best friend forever

We didn’t expect what kind of owners, such a dog you have)

invisible goat)

Little dogs love to do this.

No, don’t take pictures of me right now…

“This is not my best shot!”

” Cheese?! Yes please! “

I’m waiting for a mouse. Have you seen her?

This is such a muzzle of a donkey

I am an office dog. Ready to go to work!

I ate something terrible.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of funny photos of our little brothers?! Is there a similar photo? – Waiting in the comments!