Therefore, Ideas 24 offers you 4 tricks to make your bedroom cozy and clean.

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Do regular cleanings

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If you have a habit of putting everything in its place, then cleaning you will take little time. Give thirty minutes weekly to clean your bedroom – you can do it in one fell swoop, or you can divide it into tenminute sessions during the week. Before you start cleaning, grab a trash bag so you can throw away the stuff you don’t need right away.

Start with the nightstands, replace the things you use or throw away the ones you don’t need.

  • Do the same with cabinet surfaces.
  • Arrange things that are out of place.
  • Place dirty clothes and linens in the basket, and clean clothes in the closet.
  • Clean your closet frequently

Clean your wardrobe frequently

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Take time to look in the closet. Put everything in its place, what you need – hang on hangers. Look, perhaps there are things in your closet that you have worn for a long time, or do not wear at all. In this case, throw them away or give them to someone. You probably don’t wear them anymore.

Train yourself, immediately put things in their place: clean things in the closet, dirty things in the basket, it will take you a few seconds. And cleaning the room is a pleasure for you, because you only have to wipe the dust.

The best way to avoid messy clothes is to buy only what you need, not just in case.

Use trays and baskets to reduce clutter

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Usually a lot of items are collected in the bedroom, such as watches, earrings, books and other knick-knacks. Sort and keep these items out of sight by using trays and bins to store jewelry and other knick-knacks.

Buy furniture with built-in wardrobe

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If there is no free space in your closet, you have a way out – built-in furniture. The bed can be not only a resting place, but also a small closet for your bedding, or other things. Therefore, when buying a bed, choose with drawers that will be useful to you.