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Coffee “Jack Daniel’s”

Did you know that there is whiskey flavored coffee? No, this is not a special variety. This is a product of two companies: “Jack Daniel’s” and “World of Coffee”. They teamed up to produce a special coffee. Of course, it does not contain alcohol, but the composition includes caramel and flavor enhancers that can be perceived as whiskey.

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Now many are sure that Hydrox cookies are a fake of the popular Oreo. But in fact it’s the other way around. In 1908, a chocolate chip cookie called “Hydrox” appeared, but it was not in demand. Therefore, it was not until 1912 that another company appeared that produced chocolate disks with a sweet cream filling. Because of the good advertising campaign “Oreo” became popular first in the US and then around the world. Thus, the company has eliminated its competitor far into the background.

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Perfume “Victoria’s Secret”

The company decided to experiment with Bombshell perfume. The essence of the experiment was to check that mosquitoes love floral scents, so they often “bite” lovers of just such perfumes. The result was impressive, because the result of the experiment showed exactly the opposite of what was expected. This information spread at the speed of light and made the perfume extremely popular.

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Sausages “Volkswagen”

Think Volkswagen only makes cars? – And here it is not. In 1973, sausages were made for factory workers. They were so delicious that subsequently not a single match of the Wolfsburg football club could do without them. This contributed to greater popularity, so after a while “Volkswagen” began to produce sausages for the world market. So, in 2015, the number of packages of sausages sold exceeded car sales by 7.2 million.

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Protest against Uber

In 2014, taxi drivers in London began rallying against the Uber app, which provided residents with a cheaper and more comfortable ride to the right place. More and more people learned about the rally of taxi drivers. The next day, Uber’s ratings went up significantly, and the number of users increased by 850%.

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Headphones “Sony”

In 2014, Sony decided to increase their income, so they started making a player with swimming headphones. The manufacturer advertised headphones in all areas and noted that they were waterproof. The “chip” was that the headphones and the player were sold in a can of water. Huge funds were spent on this, which the manufacturer was never able to return, because this campaign turned out to be an absolute failure and brought enormous financial losses to Sony.

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Steve Jobs is a clothing brand

In 2012, the Barbato brothers from Italy decided to create their own menswear line. With the name of the brand, they decided not to bother, so they chose the option “Steve Jobs”. Subsequently, representatives of the company “Apple” wanted to bring the brothers to justice, but lost the case.

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