Let’s say more: autumn is the best time to train outdoors! When working on the body of a dream on the street in the summer is problematic because of the heat, which does not subside even at night, then in the fall everything changes. This is the perfect time to start or resume outdoor sports.

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Star trainer Andrei Khomitsky showed an energetic set of exercises for the autumn season.

A set of exercises for outdoor training

  • lunges with clapping hands under the knee: 15 seconds;
  • jump lunges + turn: 15 seconds;
  • running in place + sitting: 15 seconds;
  • pushing with one leg: 15 seconds;
  • cross leg lunges: 15 seconds;
  • bite with a swing: 15 seconds;
  • lunges back with a blow: 15 seconds.

How to do the workout

  • In exercises where the trainer works with one foot and 15 seconds are indicated, do not forget to work out after the time has elapsed with the other leg also for 15 seconds.
  • Perform exercise after exercise with sufficient rest (until full recovery).
  • For those who have just started training, you can perform two such circles.
  • For those who are more experienced in training, you can complete the first round of 15 seconds of each exercise, and on the second round – 20 seconds each.

Happy training!

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Text of the publication by Andrey Khomytsy:

Today, there are only two important points that I want to share with you:

Check out my yesterday’s broadcast on my page.
Then you will understand and willingly complete the training today and continue to train regularly without interruption.

knee clapping lunges: 15 seconds
jump lunges + twist: 15 seconds
running in place + squatting: 15 seconds
push-ups with one foot: 15 seconds
side lunges: 15 seconds
swing squat: 15 seconds
lunges back with a blow: 15 seconds.

Who wants a strong load, I can offer my program:

First round 15 sec
Second round of 20 seconds
Third circle for 30 seconds

Know that physical overcoming of oneself gives more than physical transformation. Regular training builds your character and determination!