If you still haven’t met your doppelgänger, you may have been looking in the wrong places. Some lucky celebrities, for example, have found their soul mate in the animal kingdom… The similarities are really impressive, and hardly anyone would deny their similarity. Let’s start with a dog that looks a lot like billionaire Richard Branson.

And this dog from Kyiv is surprisingly similar to Vladimir Putin

A cat named Snowball has a lot in common with Adolf Hitler

Funny Dog and Snoop Dogg:

Dog and Samuel Jackson:

And this dog can easily be confused with John Travolta

Ron Perlman and his doppelgänger

Caterpillar and Donald Trump:

Alpaca and Taylor Lautner:

And again the same dog, similar to Snoop Dogg:

Lama and happy Dalai Lama:

Monkey and Adrian Brody:

Harrison Ford and his animal counterpart:

Madonna and the frog

A cat named Hamilton and Salvador Dali:

Sad Dog and Peyton Manning:

Orca and Kim Kardashian:

Funny cat and funny Leo DiCaprio:

The Bright Caterpillar and George Clinton:

And finally, another Ron Perlman doppelgänger: