During the summer heat, you just want to run away from the hot asphalt of megacities, leave behind the noise of a tired city and go to a beach party or barbecue in nature. Delicious cocktails with Żubrówka Rose will help to give incredible emotions and many unforgettable impressions. Bright drinks and close friends – your weekend will be unforgettable.

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Cocktail “Rose Tonic”

Delicate light taste of Żubrówka Rose with a pleasant fruity aftertaste will turn any leisure into a bright event.

How to make a cocktail “Rose Tonic” / Photo by Żubrowka


Zubrowka Rose – 50 ml

Tonic – 120 ml

fresh berries


  1. Fill the old fashioned with ice.
  2. Add Żubrówka Rose and tonic.
  3. Stir the ingredients and garnish the cocktail with fresh berries and mint.
  4. Serve.

The legendary Polish alcoholic brand Żubrówka is known for alcoholic tinctures based on natural essences from herbs, berries, flowers and spices, among which is Żubrówka Rose – a tincture with a pleasant final note of fragrant herbs, which resembles pink gin, but with a richer berry flavor, and most importantly – at an affordable price.

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Zubrowka Rose is the pink hit of the season!

How Żubrowka Rose is created

The creation of Żubrówka Rose begins with the collection of natural ingredients in the untouched forests of the Bialowieza Forest. This is a unique array of forests, completely created by nature and protected by UNESCO. It is in this area that fresh wild berries are harvested and impeccably pure spring water for Żubrówka Rose is extracted.

Żubrówka Rose is a hit of the summer season / Photo by Żubrówka

For the manufacture of the drink, the best alcohol is used, which undergoes six purifications through distillation columns with copper elements. It is made from selected wheat grains grown specifically for Żubrówka.

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Water for future tincture naturally demineralizes at a depth of 60 meters.

Further, fragrant essences are created from ripe rose hips, raspberries, cranberries and unique bison grass. The best fruits are crushed, poured with a mixture of alcohol and water and left to infuse in oak barrels. During infusion in oak barrels, the drink gets a mild aroma and is saturated with delicate vanilla notes. The duration of infusion is individual for each individual ingredient. This is how natural essences are obtained.

After the essences have been infused, they are filtered and mixed with spring water and purified alcohol.

Żubrówka is made according to a special recipe / Photo by Żubrówka

According to the traditional recipe, the alcohol strength is reduced to 32 degrees.

Finally, the final stage of filtration takes place, after which the drink passes the mandatory tasting stage. During it, a team of specialists evaluates the smell, taste, color and transparency of the drink.

Finally, a stalk of bison grass is manually inserted into each pre-cleaned bottle and Żubrówka Rose is bottled.

The uniqueness of Żubrowka Rose

Natural and environmentally friendly

Components for Żubrówka Rose are harvested in ecologically clean forests of the Białowieża Forest exclusively by hand. From the collected components, unique essences are obtained, which form the basis of drinks.

For the future tincture at the CEDC plant, the best spirits are made from selected wheat grains, which do not contain GMOs and are marked with European quality certificates.

Summer starts with Żubrówka Rose / Photo by Żubrówka

All Żubrówka tinctures are made using modern purification and filtration systems.

The taste and aroma of Żubrówka have been repeatedly noted by international experts in the alcohol industry. Żubrówka has been the winner of prestigious international competitions for 11 consecutive years, being the most titled brand in its category.

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Authentic and special

The unique taste and aroma of Żubrówka Rose is due not only to the natural ingredients, but also to the complex production process in compliance with high quality standards.

It contains no artificial flavors, and the successful combination of essences from wild berries provides a unique combination of taste and aroma.

Cherishing its own history, which has more than 500 years, the Żubrówka brand carefully takes care that the traditional recipe of drinks remains unchanged, and its secrets are passed on from generation to generation.

Żubrowka Rose / Photo by Żubrowka

Unique and bright

The tempting color and author’s design of Żubrówka Rose creates a special atmosphere and impresses with its original style, which has no analogues in the world.

Therefore, if you are looking for a truly impressive vacation, choose Żubrówka Rose for yourself and your friends and charge up a driving summer with an explosive taste of sunny berries.

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