Hands are not only a calling card, but also an indicator of the state of the body. Internal failures immediately affect the condition of the skin of the hands, reports aif.ru. Alla Proskurenko, a rheumatologist, explained what suddenly appeared hematomas, edema, moles “warn” about.

Puffiness and swelling

The main reason for this change in the hands is the accumulation of excess fluid in the soft tissues. Slow down the movement of lymph in the upper limbs can be a long stay in one position, the abuse of salty foods, taking certain medications, as well as pregnancy.

“In addition, other causes of swollen hands include sprained or dislocated hands, insect bites, skin allergies, kidney, liver, or heart problems, lymphedema, or psoriatic arthritis.”– explained Dr. Proskurenko.


An unpleasant sensation of tingling, numbness in the fingers, palms indicates possible neurological diseases. Such discomfort may appear due to compression of the peripheral nerves: in the ulnar, radiocarpal canal or at the level of the cervical spine.

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In advanced form, this problem can disrupt motor function and deprive the usual ease of movement.

may indicate a possible disease.