We give a fresh idea: make miniatures in jars. These exquisite compositions will look great in the bedroom, in the living room and even in the kitchen.

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1. Compositions of moss and small toys

photo nettetipps

2. Compositions with succulents

Photo mann-ivanov-ferber

3. Simple, but very atmospheric and romantic

Photo new-year-party

4. Compositions using natural and artificial elements for decoration

Pinterest photo

5. Composition “Birds”

decormaison photo

6. Actual on the eve of Easter

zahradkar’s photo

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7. Spring composition

Pinterest photo

8. Easter compositions for home decor

Pinterest photo

9. Compositions using photos

Photo wohnidee.wunderweib

10. Original and stylish

eileenhull’s photo

11. Bright holiday compositions

vivadecora photos

12. Reincarnation of ordinary cans in bright decor elements

Pinterest photo