If you want to get a dog, then you need to know a few things about their habitual behavior. To your attention a funny selection of photos of dogs and their natural habits.

dogs and their antics

Just be friendly…

dogs and their antics

Tense waiting for the attention of a friend.

Your four-legged friend will not mind looking into your laptop and finding something interesting there.

Dogs are very curious. They are always drawn to explore something new and unknown, for example, a cat’s passage to the house. The owner of this dog said that as a small puppy, the dog used the cat’s door, but now he has outgrown it, but he just can’t get over it.

When Pokey plays, nothing can stop him.

Bo doesn’t really like to go through this pipe, but judging by his eyes, humility leaves no other way out.

This photo shows an amazing example of canine car safety in action.

It may not be the best idea to drink water.

“Mom, I decided to become a vegetarian.”

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