Ideas 24 advise you to use beautiful bags, boxes or even tubes for this. In general, turn on your imagination, do not be afraid to experiment and give your family real positive emotions. And we will help you with this, because we have prepared 10 universal ideas for packing an edible gift.

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1. Craft paper

This is the most common and easiest way to beautifully wrap an edible gift. All you need is craft paper and any decor items: ribbons, glitter, dried plants, and the like.

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2. Special gift boxes

You may not have known, but there are stores that sell exclusively products for gift wrapping food. There you can buy various gift boxes. You can choose the size, color, closure method, design and more.

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3. Form for baking desserts

If you have no options at all on how to give cookies beautifully and elegantly, use a baking mold. Add some bright elements, tie the mold with ribbon and voila – the original packaging for cookies is ready.

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4. Metal mold for baking bread

A non-standard approach to solving a spontaneous problem. So, if you don’t have any items to create cookie packaging, take a bread pan. Cover the bottom with craft paper, lay out the cookies, cover with a lid and, if desired, tie the shape with a beautiful bright ribbon.

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5. Transparent jars

This is a great option for those who have prepared not only delicious, but also mouth-watering cookies. Thanks to the transparent jar, all the attractive elements of the gift will be visible. If desired, the jar can be decorated with a ribbon.

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6. “Cups” with attractive gift paper

Packing a gift in this way is not a problem, but the result is impressive. Stylish, original, attractive.

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7. Original boxes

If you want to keep the intrigue to the end and not show the gift in advance, choose a closed box in the form of a cube with a pendant. It is very romantic and beautiful.

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8. Cookie box with compartments

If you have baked several types of cookies, it is best to use a box with compartments for gift wrapping. So the surprise will look expensive and elegant.

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9. Box in the form of a tube

The original packaging design will impress your friend on the spot. And if your cookies are also tasty, then such a gift will claim the title of “best surprise”.

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10. Cellophane film

The most budgetary option for packaging cookies is cellophane film. The design is simple but attractive. Be sure to use pretty ribbon and glue or tie a wish tag.

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