For every successful invention, there are a dozen unsuccessful and, to put it mildly, unnecessary ones. In this collection, there are some curious photos of inventions that have not become famous. What is the reason for such a failure? Maybe in their complete uselessness? Let’s start with this machine:

unsuccessful inventions

And how do you like these skis with a parachute? Judging by the facial expression of this jumper, the feeling is inexpressible 🙂
parachute skiing

Ridiculous unusually long trailer
stupid trailer

Sausage swimming suit
swimming suits

Vetrobranski glasses are a worthy candidate on our list of failed inventions.
Vetrobranski glasses

Home hair dryer … Fortunately, a hair dryer was invented a little later, and this buried this unit:
bad invention

Skate attachments for shoes:
shoe skates

Gas mask and gas mask for a child:

Unique front seat in terms of safety. It is especially good at damping head-on collisions:
useless invention
Interesting reading glasses. I don’t even know why this invention failed, at first glance it is quite interesting …

But where the invention of the SUV began. Fortunately, these days they look a little different:

The list of such inventions can be continued indefinitely, please write about interesting samples in the comments) In continuation, I advise you to visit a selection of inventions for a modern home, with many useful and unusual devices.