We continue the review of strange, original and unusual types of soap. Everyone can make soap, it’s not exactly difficult, that’s why we observe such a huge number of original ideas, and their embodiment in the form of foaming fragrant soap. Here is an example in the form of figurines from Star Wars.
unusual soap

This compilation follows the one called “Creative Soaps”, where you can find some equally fun examples. We’ll continue.

Archie McPhee invented absinthe soap for those who can’t afford to fill the bathtub with a real green drink.
soap absinthe

This soap can be given as a gift to someone who loves money (and who doesn’t? πŸ™‚ but doesn’t like washing. Its peculiarity is that there are real American dollars inside, and you will not get them until you use all the soap.
soap with dollars
Another soap for alcohol lovers, bourbon added to it
bourbon soap

Quite popular soap stylized as Tetris
soap tetris
But there is also soap for iphone fans πŸ™‚ Under this popular device, there is anything, even accessories such as a carbon sticker for iphone 4, all kinds of cases, headphones, handbags, and many other interesting things. For example, unusual beds, and even there there is an option for an apple tree
soap iphone
Soap in the form of a cluster mine, but you won’t be able to blow it up, just wash yourself πŸ™‚
soap mine
Let’s finish this collection on soap with a blade. Its unusualness lies in the fact that in the middle there is a blade …
I don’t end there. There will be another thread on this very soon…