Your attention is a selection of positive photos with giraffes in the title role. Here the giraffe will reveal all its qualities to you: curiosity, friendliness, caress, care… Enjoy the beauty of these majestic animals.

pictures of giraffes

This house is located in Kenya. It consists of 5 rooms and they are designed so that the giraffes can drop in for a visit at any time they want.

photo of giraffes

A small giraffe with excellent styling.

Giraffes appeared on earth about 8 million years ago (in south-central Europe). In those days, there were many varieties of giraffe. Today there are only 2 left: the Massai giraffe and the reticulated giraffe. Giraffes see their environment in color and can completely close their nostrils so that sand does not get into their airways during a storm.

The image above shows a giraffe’s long tongue. The tongue can reach half a meter in length. Nature invented all this so that the animal could clean its nose, because it has no hands.)

The tongue is slightly bluish-purple with bristly hairs for absorbing thorny plants without problems.

Giraffes are unique animals that are always friendly. “Communicating” with a person, the giraffe will be extremely careful not to harm. If children feed him from his hands, he will never bite his hand, because he takes food either with his tongue or with his lips.

These are the kind and harmless animals that surround us. Life is too short to be boring. If you love giraffes as much as I do, then be sure to visit the places where they live. Your emotions will run high!