We have all experienced that some area of ​​the body begins to itch, whether it is due to a mosquito bite, or simply due to irritation or allergies. We can easily cope with this unpleasant sensation, because we have hands, but how to be an animal? Continuing this theme, we will show you a series of photos showing how animals solve similar problems.

Kangaroo is a very disproportionate creature. She has small front legs, large hind legs, a thick long tail, and a bag in which something is constantly moving. But even in such a situation, the animal easily solves all its problems.


The squirrel is proportional, so it can easily smell in any area of ​​its body.

This donkey just needs a helping hand!)

Like this three-legged aerobics.

The antelope, photographed in Africa, is trying to reach the same place as the deer in the previous photo.

Meerkat. Cleanliness and order must be everywhere!

Despite the difficulty in reaching the “itchy front”, this wild horse is overtaking success.

Pochuhavatsya, being wet and slippery – it’s not easy.

This tree frog does the impossible: it manages to smell its right knee with its left paw, while balancing on a leaf with ease.