Having appeared in the 19th century, liqueurs and liqueurs are now experiencing a real renaissance. The reason for their popularity was bar trends dictated by cultural changes.

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When it comes to choosing alcohol, we increasingly focus on its naturalness and origin. The embodiment of these qualities is Soplica – one of the oldest alcohol brands, which boasts not only the quality of its products, but also a unique history.

How it all began

The history of Soplica began with the activities of a Polish gentry Boleslav Kasprowicz. It was he who in 1888 founded a distillery in the city of Gniezno (Poland), becoming a pioneer in the alcohol industry.

Brand Label / Soplica

Brand History / Soplica

Being a connoisseur of not only alcohol, but also literature, Boleslav Kasprowicz 1891 founded his own brand, calling it Soplica. The brand name is borrowed from the famous work of the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz “Pan Tadeusz”where Soplitsa is the surname of the main character.

“Pan Tadeusz” / Photo by Wikimedia Commons

However, not only the name, but the whole brand was formed around the Polish culture, which is its characteristic feature. The brand’s label still depicts the old manor of the Polish gentry.

How the look of the bottle has changed / Soplica

Soplica today

The project of Boleslav Kasprowicz survived the war and became one of the most recognizable and popular alcohol brands in the world, which continues win awards at expert and consumer competitions.

All recipes have retained their authenticity and remain unchanged to this day.

Soplica Quince / facebook.com/SoplicaUkraine/

Soplica has become successful not only because of its devotion to tradition, but also because of its unsurpassed taste. Its secret lies in the traditional recipe and natural ingredients (fresh ripe berries and fruits, nuts, herbs and cereals).

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As in the past, today Soplica is a brand with its own values ​​that are passed down from generation to generation. He adheres to high production standards and cares about the quality of his products.