Betsy Ross’ house is in the city center, which is full of early American history. This tiny gem is definitely not to be missed. The home is often overlooked as Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell and the magnificent Philadelphia Museum of Art draw in all the tourists. Such attention is not surprising, because it is Betsy Ross who is the creator of the first American flag.

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What you need to know about the house of Betsy Ross

In fact, flagship Betsy Ross never owned the house at 239 Arch Street in Philadelphia’s Old Town neighborhood. She was a tenant for a long time (1773-1786) in this small house built in 1740. Built in the Georgian style, Betsy Ross’ house consists of two and a half floors and a total of nine rooms. Mrs. Ross lived here with her husband John, running her flag sewing business from home.

Betsy Ross' house

In fact, no one is sure if this particular house is the residence of Betsy and John, but most records point to the fact that either this or neighboring house #241 was indeed the abode of the creator of the first American flag, studded with 13 stars and 13 stripes. .

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Visitors can wander through the kitchen, basement, vintage living room, explore the tiny bedrooms and view the office where Ross worked on her upholstery projects. The original fabric store now houses a gift shop where guests can purchase flag mementos, books about Ross, or other items relating to colonial Philadelphia history. Snacks and restrooms are also available at the gift shop.

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Interesting fact

After Betsy Ross moved out of her home on Arch Street, she decided to go into a number of other businesses. Eventually, local Philadelphians recognized the historic importance of the house and purchased it, forming the Betsy Ross House Memorial Association in 1898.

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In hopes of restoring the house to its original state and creating a place where visitors can pay tribute to the famous seamstress, Americans have been asked to donate a dime to help create the Betsy Ross Museum. Two million US citizens answered this call! Each donor received a certificate, as well as a copy of the famous Betsy Ross painting given to the Founding Fathers of America in gratitude for their generosity. You can also read about Vancouver’s Queen Elizabeth Park, which has an equally fascinating history.

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About a quarter of a million visitors each year visit the Betsy Ross House to learn about the famous woman. The house is open 7 days a week during the peak tourist season, from Memorial Day to Labor Day. During the off-season, the house is closed on Mondays. The Betsy Ross house is also closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Admission is free, but donations are encouraged.