When the kid lost his favorite toy, the parents told the boy that his stuffed elephant was not lost, but simply went on a trip around the world. Somehow, this little tragedy became public knowledge, and the Internet reacted to the loss in a very original way. The Photoshop masters made a lot of captivating photo-toads, where the elephant could be seen against the backdrop of the world’s most famous landmarks.

plush elephant

The little boy was literally heartbroken after losing his beloved toy elephant. However, his parents came up with a brilliant plan – they told their son that his plush friend just decided to travel the world. By posting a photo of a toy elephant on Reddit, they called on an army of Photoshop geniuses to place their son’s toy against the backdrop of exotic world landmarks. And the Internet has responded to this in the most amazing way. Here are collected only a few dozen photoshops with a plush elephant, which will surely cheer you up. Elephant soars in the sky

The elephant has already found his best friend

In Antarctica with penguins

Visiting London

New friend in Peru

Statue of Liberty in New York

Conquering the Norwegian fjords

Cherry blossom in Japan

Sights of Cambodia

In Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the background

Kangaroo in Australia

Great Barrier Reef

In the happiest place on earth

Plush elephant finally found his family

Caught a giant wave

And ran with the bulls in Spain