However, this is not a reason to run yourself, your body and health. How to eat during the holidays, so as not to bring extra pounds home, experts from the Samoylenko Clinic of Dietetics told.

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Of course, summer breaks all records in terms of the number of plans and proposals, but regardless, an important question remains constant throughout the year and sounds like this: “How can you not gain weight during your vacation and bring extra pounds as a souvenir?”
nutritionists said.

Vacation food rules

Don’t take vacation as your last chance to eat. It is worth remembering the correct structure of the contents of the plate:

  • ½ – vegetables, berries, fruits, herbs;
  • ¼ – complex carbohydrates (whole grains, bread, pasta or pasta);
  • ¼ – proteins (eggs, fish, cheese, meat, legumes, seafood).

Drink clean drinking water. It is with her that you should start every day, and also do not forget to drink a lot during the day. And we are talking about water, not beer, cider, cocktails or juices.

Even during the rest you need to remember about proper nutrition / Photo Pixabay

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And on vacation, many choose a recumbent lifestyle. However, you should not do this. Spend time actively. It can be swimming, cycling, promenades, water aerobics, dancing.

When it comes to alcoholic beverages, there is no safe dose. However, if you complement the evening with them, it can be 1 glass for women or 2 glasses for men of dry wine or strong drink. Don’t forget to drink water while doing this.

On vacation, of course, there is ice cream, desserts, steaks and delicious cocktails. This can take up 20% of the diet, but the remaining 80% should be healthy foods: fish, poultry, vegetables, berries. Therefore, always start your meal with these products.