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In order not to anger the boss, you need to talk about finances correctly. How to do it – read in our material.

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Before you go to the manager with a request, you need to clearly understand why you need a salary increase. Sometimes it’s better to be a little selfish and not worry about who “needs more” and also about the fact that there are employees who more deserve a pay rise.

When you come to the manager, you must clearly argue why you should raise wages. List 4 main reasons.

1. Similar positions

If you know for sure that colleagues in an identical position receive higher wages, feel free to talk about it directly. Do not devalue yourself, your work and skills. Explain this to the manager as tactfully as possible and wait for a response from him.

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2. Work hard

If you often stay overtime at work, you have “fallen” a lot of things that were not previously part of your duties – rest assured, you deserve a pay raise. Be sure to tell your manager about this, he will probably understand that you deserve more pay for your work.

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3. The level of wages must rise

If you have been working in a company for 5 years, and during this time you have never received a salary increase, it is time to ask for a raise. In the labor market, raising wages is the responsibility of every company.

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4. You really need money

In fact, such an argument only works once, but it is valid in unforeseen situations. That is, if you urgently need money, you can ask the manager. There is always a chance for additional funds.

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